Friday, December 17, 2010

Chris Cornell - Scream ( Album )

Artist: Chris Cornell
Album Title : Scream
Producer : Timbaland
Label : Mosley Interscope
Release Date : 3rd February 2009
# Title
1. "Part of Me"
2. "Time"
3. "Sweet Revenge"
4. "Get Up"
5. "Ground Zero"
6. "Never Far Away"
7. "Take Me Alive"
8. "Long Gone (Featuring Timbaland)"
9. "Scream (Featuring Timbaland)"
10. "Enemy"
11. "Other Side of Town"
12. "Climbing Up the Walls"
13. "Watch Out"
14. "Two Drink Minimum (Hidden Track)"

Chris Cornell is a prominent figure in the Rock genre.
Timbaland is a pioneer in the Hip-hop industry.
Put them in a studio together and you get the Sound of Music. ( No relation whatsoever to the Julie Andrews or the killing of Jews. I'm just saying. )

For those of you living in a cave, under a rock, hiding from the 5-0, living underground or associates yourselves with the Ku Klux Klan, Timbaland is an extremely wealthy and respected Rapper-turned-Hip-hop producer. While, Chris Cornell was the lead singer of Audioslave and an integral part of Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog. He also has three solo albums to his name, this being the third one. In terms of his solo career, he is best known for "Can't Change Me" and "You Know My Name", which is the theme song for the James Bond movie titled, " Casino Royale " .

Listened to it today while playing Fallout 3 ( PC Game of the Year 2008, bound to do a review on that in the near post-apocalyptic future. ) and it is actually good ( Both the game and the album ). I say actually because this album has been receiving a mixed reception from listeners for quite awhile. Chris Cornell's faithful are disappointed due the the synthesized beats ( No, not the T-Pain ones. ) instead of traditional beats ( Nothing to do with flutes or a bongo. ), which are used in the Rock genre. On the other hand, Timbaland's faithful are a much more easier crowd to please.

How the average Chris Cornell fan felt.

Pretty much how most Timbaland fans that loved this album looked like.

The tracks that stands out for me ( Honestly, I could pretty much list it all. I'm a fan, what can I say ) :

Scream .
Long Gone .
Time .
Ground Zero .
Never Far Away .
Enemy .
Climbing up the Walls .

The Album is mainly a mix of Rock Vocals and Beats(synthesized). However, in the last track, " Two Drink Minimum " , Chris shows a more Bluesy side to the album with mainly an acoustic guitar, harmonica and the works. Considering it to be the last track of the album and no synthesized beats, I would just like to clarify that Chris was not on a leash. I'm just saying.

Timbaland and Chris Cornell. That's all. What? You expected something funny didn't you.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Dark Knight (Movie)

Movie Review : Dark Knight

In a world with rules,that is called 12 years in jail...

This is without a doubt The Movie Of The Year 2008 ... FOR REAL ... I mean, what in the 9 hells could top this fantastic plot/cast/script. Maybe the next director in the Batman series would have to make a deal with the Devil just to top this. To be honest, I am not sure even that can help the next Batman can top this.

Can't remember his name so lets just call him Steven
Batman Begins was very...err... well as the name implies, its how he started, how he began as the Batman.Well, that movie was fine but this is about 5-6 times better. Majority of the "Batman Begins" plot revolved around his past, very little was left for the villains or lack of it anyway, I mean puh-leeeessseee Scarecrow? He is like a Hollywood Arab Terrorist Number 2 with lines. The movie did end with the Joker’s card which hints as to who is gonna be the baddie in the next movie.

not Batman

He was not playing a role in a movie, he was The Joker.This was not the Heath Ledger we used to know,all his other movies potray him as the softer,more of a gentleman like kinda guy...this is the best potrayal of Joker to date...Jack Nicholson's was more of a joke than the Joker. I mean, yeah I know he was supposed to be the family friendly Joker and all but still it saddens me that the character in the past was so, STUPID .Yeah thats right , I said it, Jack Nicholson did a terrible potrayal of the Joker. Got a problem with that,Jack Nicholson Fan Boys?

What happens when an Unstoppable Force meets an Immovable Object?

There was more details on the villains this time around and the story was much more captivating because of that.The humor in this movie is known as Black,its not racist and its also known as Dark Humour.There were times when there was laughter ringing throughout the theatre.His jokes/actions was dark,irrational,politically incorrect but thats what gets our blood moving...especially the Magic Trick(The Disappearing Pen). This was how I imagined The Joker would be in real life(Based on reading the Batman and Joker Comics).

Aiding the Fight FOR Cancer since the movie "Thank You For Smoking"

Harvey Dent - not much to say, everyone who reads the Batman comics knows Harvey is Two-Face. Aaron Eckhart plays a pretty good Harvey to be honest, the White Knight as opposed to the Dark Knight. Last I saw him was in that movie "Thank You For Smoking", where he plays a spokesperson for a cigarette company and he defends all the bullshit they do like the fake research centre and how he screws over his boss and a reporte. Thats about it for Harvey Dent/Aaron Eckhart..
P.S : "Thank You For Smoking" was good...

not Matthew McConaughey

Christian Bale was solid as usual, he is the Batman after all and yet sadly, Heath has stole the limelight from him. I for one criticize Bale only for what the character wants him to do, which would be wearing a slim Superman-like suit andmy outlook on it changed after watching the Youtube video below :-

The Interrogation Scene

not a photograph of a Gay Pride event...
step 1 : google " Youtube "
step 2 : in, search for " Joker Interrogation "
step 3 : Pick the video that looks like a either has a face of
            Batman/Joker on it..
step 4 : Laugh...

not Katie Holmes..
Maggie Gyllenhaal

Oh, I nearly forgot about the biggest disappointment of the whole movie. GET A BETTER LOOKING FEMALE LEAD. I mean for god's sake,she looks like Bale's grandma and thank god she dies at the end because I wouldn't be able to stand her if she came back in the next one. Well they might  save on costs if she returns as a zombie because well, they wouldn't have much work to do now would they. Considering she looks like a NATURAL ZOMBIE.
Overall....The Dark Knight gets an Impressive...(9.0/10)

The Heroine really screwed up the perfect score with a (-0.5) 

The lack of an Indian dude (-0.5)

Because all you ever need to make a good movie is an Indian dude called Kumar or Dev.